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#16 Helen Jacobs - Accessing Your Intuition, Recognising Signs & Unearthing Your Soul’s Purpose

July 14, 2020

How do know if the universe is giving you a sign? How do you know what your purpose on this earth is? And how do you know you are on the right path? . 


This is an episode we have been really looking forward to as todays guest has brought so much clarity to our life . 


Today we chat with Helen Jacobs who is an author, speaker and mentor and through her journey has harnessed her psychic abilities to help others find answers in life . 


Helen work’s with purpose-driven individuals and groups seeking guidance, sharing the insights and teachings she has receive from her spirit guides that have changed her life and the lives of many others . 


Via her weekly podcast, The Guided Collective, and in her book, You Already Know Helen shares her story with others helping them to follow their guides . 

Today we de delve into: 

  • First discovering her psychic abilities as a child . 
  • The moment she decided to do a life 180 and follow her gift . 
  • How she knew this was her calling in life . 
  • How to go about uncovering your purpose . 
  • How to develop your intuition . 
  • How to ask your guides for guidance
  • Do we shape our own destiny or is it all down to fate? . 
  • How to tell when you are being given a sign and how to unearth what that sign means . 

After taking so much away from her book You Already know, we just had to get her on the show. And boy are we glad we did . 


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