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#15 Kriben Govender - Healing From Within

July 7, 2020

Today we chat with the Kriben Govender who is a Food Scientist, Registered Nutritionist and Founder of Nourishme Organics, a company specialising in Gut Health and Mitochondrial health-focused products and Allele Microbiome – a provider of cutting edge Metagenomic Stool Testing and Deuterium Testing . 


With over 20 years experience in the food industry, Kriben intimately understands the food supply chain and the interaction between diet and the gut microbiome . 


As well as running his business Kriben can be found hosting the popular Gut Health Gurus podcast which Andy himself has featured on . 


Today Kriben joins us as a guest on That’s So Yesterday podcast to discuss: 


  • Life growing up and a traumatic experience as a child . 

  • How he faced fear and flipped this traumatic experience around . 

  • Reaching an all-time low and what got him out of the dark times . 

  • Discovering the relationship between gut health and physical and mental wellbeing . 

  • Founding Nourishme Organics and the steps to take his idea from paper and into action . 

  • Why gut health is so important and how it impacts us . 

  • Steps to address your gut health . 

  • What else we should be focusing on to optimise our health . 


And so so much more . 


Enjoy and let us know what you think . 


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