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#28 Paul Burgess - Addressing Beliefs to Target Health

March 23, 2021

Paul Burgess is a functional medicine practitioner focused on creating amazing lives for people by addressing their health and the real root causes that create illness in the first place.Paul is the author of many global publications and podcast host athletic fitness &nutrition podcast that is downloaded in 58 countries worldwide.

His goal for patients is to bring about lasting change in behaviour so that they experience an amazing life with optimal health. 

Behavioural Medicine is the method Paul uses to change the beliefs surrounding a behaviour that allows us to permanently change our actions and our health for the better, permanently.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Why so many measures to address health issues fail . 
  • The difference to his approach which brings about results? . 
  • Why focusing on beliefs is the answer .
  • Where to start when trying to find out what is most important to someone? . 
  • What influences someone's behaviours? Isn't it their choice what they do? .
  • Why sleep is so important? .
  • What influences quality of sleep the most? . 


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