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#27 Tracey Jewel - Life After MAFS

March 16, 2021

Tracey Jewel is best known for being on the hit reality TV programme Married at First Sight. Being propelled into the public eye, it is no secret that Tracey has had highs and lows along the way which she wholeheartedly shares with us in this beautifully touching episode.


In this episode we discuss:


  • How her self-care journey began . 
  • What she learnt along her self-care journey . 
  • Top self-care tips to share with you . 
  • Anxiety and the impact this had on her life . 
  • Overcoming anxiety and gaining control of life . 
  • Social media and online trolling . 
  • Dealing with negativity online . 
  • Why she applied to go on MAFS . 
  • Transitioning to life in the public eye . 
  • Is fame all is cracked up to be? . 
  • The reality of reality TV . 
  • Life after MAFS . 

Tracey talks openly and honestly about her time on MAFS and the impact this has had on her life and how she has turned challenges into opportunities to become a flourishing entrepreneur and coach. 


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