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#2 Jonathan Levi - How To Learn Faster & Remember More

April 7, 2020

In this episode we chat with Jonathan Levi serial entrepreneur & Best selling author of The Only Skill That Matters, accelerated leaning expert and keynote speaker born and raised in Silicon valley. 

Since 2014 Jonathan has been one of the top performing instructors on online learning platform Udemy which snowballed into the launch of his rapidly growing information products company SuperHuman Enterprises which produces products such as: 


  • The award winning SuperHuman Academy Podcast . 
  • The best selling “become a SuperLearner” book . 
  • & a heap of online courses through its own online training portal SuperHuman Academy & Branding YouTM Acaedemy . 


Jonathan’s media products have bene enjoyed by over 250,000 people in 205 countries and today we learn more about his incredible journey, including: 


  • Being slower to learn and feeling like the dumb kid in class . 
  • Battling negative thoughts and self-hate . 
  • The book that changed his mindset . 
  • The moment he realised he could be whoever he wanted to be . 
  • How he gained confidence in his ability to learn . 
  • How to think differently and think like an entrepreneur . 
  • Growth mindset versus fixed mindset . 
  • The key to learning to speed read that he discovered . 
  • How his ability to speed read grew into a business . 
  • His tips for improving memory . 
  • What he wished he knew when he started in business . 
  • How he is handling pain points in his business . 
  • The reason why he thinks people fail or give up . 
  • The question he would like the opportunity to answer more . 

And so much more. This is an epic episode packed full of insight and knowledge sharing perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their mindset . 

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