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#12 Nick Broadhurst - Relationships, Passions & Re-writing Your Life

June 16, 2020

We cannot contain my excitement for today’s episode as this amazing human being always lifts my soul. Who is he? Nick Broadhurst . 


Nick is: 

  • A singer & songwriter . 
  • Former member of the band Sneaky Sound System . 
  • Visual artist . 
  • Entrepreneur . 
  • devoted father & husband to the beautiful Melissa Ambrosini who we interviewed in episode 1 . 


There were so many layers to Nick and so many questions we wanted to cover, but we know you don’t have all day, so we kept it to: 


  • Life growing up and his journey as a musician . 
  • How to unearth your passion and calling . 
  • How to turn a passion into a purpose . 
  • The fine line between optimisation and perfection . 
  • What he doesn’t understand about himself . 
  • What a successful relationship looks like and his advice on how to achieve this . 
  • Some of the most useful thing he owns . 
  • The thing he does that others may find weird . 
  • Things he thinks humanity is not focused enough on achieving . 

And so much more . 


We had the pleasure of recording this episode with Nick a few weeks back when we were all cooped up in self isolation and this conversation brought us soooo much joy . 


I know there is not a single person that won’t feel such a soulful connection to Nick after listening to this. Enjoy .


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